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About Us | Welcome at B-TRAY HOTEL SUPPLIES

Welcome at B~TRAY hotel supplies

Luxurious hotel supplies  |  Large inventory  |  Fast shipping  |  2 year warranty

B-TRAY hotel supplies | Hotelbenodigheden | Hotelkamer producten

Luxury hotel supplies at a competitive price

B~TRAY offers you a wide range of hotel room supplies. Our products are unique and specifically designed for premium 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. At B~TRAY you will find a fine collection of hospitality trays, luggage racks, weighing scales, ironing stations and hair dryers. Our prices are very competitive, thanks to our in-house design, production and sales.

Maximum quality, safety and ease of use

We only select the best materials for our products. They must be durable and safe in order to withstand intensive use in hotels, while at the same time having a luxurious appearance. We always design with the customer in mind. Quality, safety and ease of use are paramount in the design process.

Excellent service and fast delivery

At B~TRAY, the customer is our primary focus. We offer an excellent service with a 2 year warranty. Customers appreciate us for our fast response time. Would you like to receive a quote or do you have a question or complaint? We respond within 1 working day at the latest and usually within 2 hours. We are also fast when it comes to shipping (worldwide delivery service). Our large inventory allows us to deliver directly in 95% of the cases, even with very large orders.

Matthew Dempsey, General Manager at the Dylan Hotel in New York, about B~TRAY:

“I received a top quality, beautiful product for my guests AND it was an easy and professional transaction. If you are looking for hotel supplies, order with confidence at B~TRAY, no matter where in the world you are located! The quality product is backed up by a professional team.”

More than 10 years of experience

B~TRAY is an enthusiastic and customer-oriented family business with years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. Since its founding in 2008, we have built up an excellent reference list. In addition to hotels and cruise companies, we are also increasingly supplying service-oriented institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and universities. With the help of our large network of international clients, hospitality professionals and distributors, we are very proud to do business in more than 50 countries!


You will find a lot of information about our products on our website. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to be of service!


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