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Welcome Tray B-TRAY SPACE with space for Nespresso Machine

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Jolanda Lanser, Managing Director of Heeren van Noortwyck:

"We are extremely happy and satisfied with the B~TRAY hospitality trays. First we ordered 3 sets for testing, and now a year later we have ordered the same trays again for all the comfort rooms. These welcome trays are exactly what we were looking for, with just the right measurements and compartments. Also the customer service is just perfect, so a big recommendation! "

Hotel Grand Cafe Heeren van Noortwyck heeft gekozen voor hospitality tray B-TRAY SENSE


2 Year Warranty at B-TRAY hotel supplies

Welcome Tray B~TRAY SPACE *****

With luxury storage for all commonly used Nespresso machines

Are you looking for a luxury tea and coffee tray for your hotel rooms with enough space to store a coffee machine? In that case the B~TRAY SPACE hospitality tray is the perfect solution for you! This unique welcome tray with large drawer is made of high-quality faux leather, finished with black stitching for a luxury touch. It includes enough space to accommodate a coffee machine, a kettle, cups and condiments. Unique feature, the drawer is equipped with 2 removable foam inlays to hold your Nespresso coffee capsules perfectly (standard size and professional grands crus pads).

 Hospitality tray B-TRAY SPACE with space for Nespresso machine and cups
                           Hospitality tray B-TRAY SPACE with space for a hotel kettle and cups   Hospitality tray B-TRAY SPACE with space for Nespresso machine ZENIUS

More info
  • High-quality faux leather (PU)
  • Enough space to store a coffee machine, kettle and cups (depending on size coffee machine)
  • Suitable for many different kinds of coffee machines, for example Nespresso machine model INISSIA, PIXIE, ESSENZA C30/D30, CITIZ or ZENIUS
  • Available with B~TRAY kettle STAR of 0.5L or kettle STYLE of 1.0L 
  • Also suitable for your own hotel kettle (all sizes)
  • Large drawer for dust-free storage of coffee capsules, tea bags, sugar sticks, spoons etc.
  • Equipped with removable foam inlays to hold 2 types of Nespresso capsules: standard size and professional grands crus
  • Wire guidance and 4 furniture protection gliders
  • A 2 year guarantee

Optionalhotel porcelain cups


Material tray
Faux leather (PU)
W315 x D415 x H75mm
Inner size: W300 x D400mm
Thickness including gliders: 78mm

2 x L275 x W60 x H45mm
2 x L135 x W75 x H45mm
4 transparent furniture protection gliders
Wire guidance of water kettle
Kettle capacity
STAR: 0.5 litre (water saving)
STYLE: 1.0 litre
Wire guidance
Top of tray through gap (to the left, right and backwards)
Drawer is equipped with 2 removable foam inlays to hold 2 types of Nespresso capsules: standard size and professional grands crus
Private label
Material water kettle
Plastic with 304 stainless steel (brushed)
Power (watt)
STAR: 1.000W (energy efficient)
STYLE: 1.500W
CE, Intertek and Tüv/GS approved
Wire length
Euro plug (2-pins)
UK plug (3-pins)
Swiss plug (3-pins)
Heating element
Automatic shut off when boiling
Anti-lime filter
Suitable for right and left handed users
Yes, 360 degrees rotation
Boil dry protection
Yes, overheating protection
Capacity cups
Walküre (Germany)
High-quality hotel porcelain
(winner Red Dot Design Award)
Dishwasher safe
Yes, also professional dish washer safe
Number of colours (DOWNLOAD)
13 standard colours (show colours)
Hospitality tray for hotel room with space for Nespresso machine and kettle B-TRAY
Courtesy tray with space for a Nespresso machine, water kettle and cups with saucers | B-TRAY Courtesy tray for coffee machine and cups with saucers | B-TRAY SPACE
Hospitality tray with space for Nespresso machine ZENIUS | B-TRAY Hospitality tray with space for a kettle, cups, bottles of water and glasses | B-TRAY
Hotel welcome tray for Nespresso machine with 4 coffee cups | B-TRAY Hospitality tray B-TRAY SPACE with space for Nespresso machine and cups
Coffee and tea facility for hotel room | B-TRAY SPACE Hospitality tray SPACE with space for Nespresso machine and cups | B-TRAY
Welcome tray with kettle and coffee machine | B-TRAY SPACE Coffee tray for hotels | B-TRAY SPACE
Hospitality tray for hotels faux leather | B-TRAY SPACE Tea and coffee tray for hotel room faux leather high quality | B-TRAY SPACE


Stainless steel - STAR
Lid opener half a liter kettle - STAR
 Water kettle - STYLE
Indicator light - STAR
Porcelain cups standard
Anti-lime filter - STAR
 Foam inlays - SPACE
 Foam inlays2 - SPACE
 Faux leather - SPACE
 Wire guidance - SPACE
 Gliders - SPACE
 Drawer - SPACE
 Drawer2 - SPACE
 Coffee capsules - SPACE
 Foam inlays3 - SPACE
 Large drawer - SPACE

More info about B~TRAY hospitality trays


B~TRAY, for a pleasant stay

B~TRAY hospitality trays have been specifically developed to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay in your hotel. With a B~TRAY welcome tray in your hotel rooms, your guests can enjoy various flavours of tea or make their own cup of coffee using a unique tray that gives them a luxurious sensation. The special design gives your hotel rooms a distinctive touch and its high-end materials make it an indispensable feature for every hotel.

B~TRAY brochure


Why choose a B~TRAY hospitality tray?

  • Only high-quality materials are used | 100% Dutch Design
  • Compact, user-friendly and luxury designs
  • Safe hotel kettles with a original British STRIX controller
  • Unique anti-theft system for kettle power base
  • Our products meet all safety requirements
  • All parts can be bought separately
  • More than 300 different combinations | Fits in with every hotel room design
  • Short delivery time and very competitive prices
  • High service level with a 2 year guarantee


High-quality materials

Our unique Dutch designed hospitality trays are synonymous with quality, luxury, exclusivity and individuality. They provide a warm welcome for your guests and make your hotel rooms look personal and unique! Only high-quality materials are used, in order to stand up to heavy usage in hotels, such as solid wood, leather, heat-resistant ABS, veneer, the best stainless steel available (304) and optional hotel porcelain from the well-know brand Walküre.


Create your our own design

Every hotel has its own type of guests, is run by a different manager and has its own style of decoration. That’s why B~TRAY offers 8 different kinds of welcome trays in various colours and materials and as an additional option you can choose from 13 colours of porcelain cups. Even adding your logo and/or hotel name on the cups is possible.

So be creative and mix & match your favorite hospitality tray; we offer more than 300 different combinations! On our website you can find all the different options and with the online B~TRAY configurator you can create your own design.

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T. +31 (0) 23 542 12 12
F. +31 (0) 23 531 81 99
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