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News page B-TRAY Hotel Supplies | News about our luxury hotel room products

News Page B~TRAY Hotel Supplies

11-02-2019 - Luxury brand HYATT chooses for B~TRAY

With the help of our dedicated distributor Kingdom Hotel Supplies we can add one of the world’s best hospitality brands to our reference list: HYATT. We are very proud that the recently renovated 5-star Párisi Udvar Hotel in Budapest selected our eco-friendly kettle STAR for all of their rooms and suites. 

The Párisi Udvar is a very unique and luxurious hotel. Travel back in time, through the passage of a Paris courtyard. They revived the Art Nouveau shopping arcade into a palatial hotel where you will experience the spectacle of an architectural gem, an ideal location in the core of the city, as well as enchanted visions of the past, present and future. Unique and stylish, just like B~TRAY :-)

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B-TRAY Hotel Supplies offers luxury hotel room products for every budget: hospitality trays, hotel kettles, hotel porcelain cups, ironing centres, luggage racks, hair dryers, weighing scales, laptop safes and more. Our hotel products have been specifically designed and manufactured for the hotel and hospitality industry. B-TRAY can help you to create a fresh new look to your guest rooms by supplying stylish and innovative hotel supplies.