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Liana Marabini, owner of Grand Hôtel des Ambassadeurs (Côte d'Azur):

"We are very happy with B~TRAY. The hospitality trays arrived in time and the quality is very high. They are just perfect for our hotel! We will continue to be their client for further purchases and I definitely recommend the hotel supplies from B~TRAY to all upscale hotels."

Grand Hôtel des Ambassadeurs et Plateau de courtoisie B-TRAY


News Page B~TRAY Hotel Supplies

29-08-2018 - New reference: Moxy Hotels by Marriott

With the help of our dedicated distributor Kingdom Hotel Supplies we can add a new Marriott brand on our reference list: Moxy Hotels! For 12 of their hotels, located in 3 different European countries, they selected the B~TRAY SQUARE hospitality tray. We have supplied over 850 pieces within 2 weeks!

The Moxy brand combines contemporary stylish design, approachable service and, most importantly, an affordable price. Young travellers are the target audience. Marriott is working closely with Inter Hospitality, part of the IKEA Group. The hotels will not be an IKEA showroom, but there will however be an IKEA twist: the hotels will be constructed using prefab modules, which will be fitted together on the spot... just like IKEA furniture.

Marriott is aiming to open 150 Moxy Hotels in 10 countries across Europe.

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B-TRAY Hotel Supplies offers luxury hotel room products for every budget: hospitality trays, hotel kettles, hotel porcelain cups, ironing centres, luggage racks, hair dryers, weighing scales, laptop safes and more. Our hotel products have been specifically designed and manufactured for the hotel and hospitality industry. B-TRAY can help you to create a fresh new look to your guest rooms by supplying stylish and innovative hotel supplies.