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Jolanda Lanser, Managing Director of Heeren van Noortwyck:

"We are extremely happy and satisfied with the B~TRAY hospitality trays. First we ordered 3 sets for testing, and now a year later we have ordered the same trays again for all the comfort rooms. These welcome trays are exactly what we were looking for, with just the right measurements and compartments. Also the customer service is just perfect, so a big recommendation! "

Ironing Centres for Hotels

Dutch Design  |  Safe  |  Stable  |  Luxurious  |  User Friendly  |  A 2 Year Guarantee        

B~TRAY ironing centre SMOOTH

The luxury solution to in-room guest ironing! This light, stable and easy to handle ironing station is designed with hotels and their guests in mind. The ultra-compact ironing board - designed in luxury dark colours - is equipped with a flexible iron organizer with integrated solid hook for easy storage in a wardrobe. B~TRAY hotel ironing centres provide outstanding performance, but quality and safety are always main priority. The motion sensor shut-off feature, for example, will ensure the iron automatically power off if not used or moved, keeping your property safe and saving you energy.

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Ironing centre for hotels B-TRAY SMOOTH

  • High-quality ironing centre | Dutch Design
  • Compact size and lightweight, so excellent portability
  • Sturdy frame in luxury dark colours
  • Strong and stable board with rubber feet (anti-slip)
  • The foot is clipped to secure it during movement
  • Easily replaceable fire retardant elastic cover
  • Cable can be connected to the board (anti-theft)
  • Available with hotel safety steam iron of only 1600W
  • Flexible iron organizer for left and right handed guests
  • Budget friendly
  • A 2 year guarantee

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Hotel Ironing centre SMOOTH | B-TRAY Hotel Supplies

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Hotel Ironing centre SMOOTH dimensions | B-TRAY Hotel Supplies

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