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Hotel Kettles at B-TRAY | Hotel Room Kettles | Hotel Supplies

Kettles for hotel rooms - 120V or 230V

High quality  |  User friendly  |  Easy to clean  |  Safe  |  STRIX controller

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Hotel safety kettles with STRIX

A relaxing hot drink at the end of the day is a home comfort we all understand. Our B~TRAY hotel kettle range comes in a choice of capacity and styles to accommodate your guests. Designed for hotel rooms, our kettles include specific safety and security features, including STRIX Control with the world's best over-boil and dry boil protection.

B~TRAY offers 4 types of water kettles for hotel rooms:

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Kettle STAR 0.5L (230V) Kettle STAR-BLACK 0.5L (230V)
 Hotel kettle STAR 0.5 litre 1000W | B-TRAY hotel supplies
Eco-friendly kettle STAR for hotel rooms | B-TRAY hotel supplies  
Eco-friendly kettle STAR for hotel rooms | B-TRAY hotel supplies
Kettle STYLE 1L (230V) Kettle SOHO 1L (120V)
 Hotel water kettle 1.0 litre B-TRAY STYLE
Hotel Kettle SOHO 1 Liter with US plug for USA and Canada | B-TRAY

Different types of plugs

2-pin Euro/Schuko plug (230V): STAR, STAR-BLACK, STYLE
3-pin UK plug (230V): STAR, STAR-BLACK, STYLE
3-pin Swiss adapter (230V): STAR, STAR-BLACK, STYLE
3-pin US plug (120V): SOHO

B-TRAY kettles are equipped with STRIX controller

Our kettles are equipped with a genuine British STRIX controller, one of the most important components in electric kettles. It is used to regulate temperature, automatic shut-off and boil dry protection.

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  • The best stainless steel available (304, D11)
  • Our kettles meet all safety requirements
  • CE, CB, GS and RoHS approved (Intertek)
  • Genuine British STRIX controller, the safest controller in the world
  • Auto shut-off with boil dry protection
  • Concealed heating element for easy cleaning
  • 360° cordless operation, so user-friendly for your guests


We offer a two-year warranty on our complete B~TRAY collection!

Kettles STAR and STYLE


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